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Social Media Advertising

Random posting and updates on your social and digital pages is not Social Media Marketing. Social Media advertising can help your business to reach customers before they even think about buying or using your services! Or create an Omnipresence in your local and national targeted areas.

Using Ads effectively to target new prospects with engaging content and creating the retargeting ads to keep them coming back to your pages and business is the number one key to focus in social and digital advertising.

There are targeting opportunities that Appail Social Media Marketing team can help you take advantage of including:

  • User Age
  • User Gender
  • Geographic Locations
  • Education Levels
  • Personal Interests
  • Reported Relationship Status
  • “Liked” Posts and Pages
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses (Custom audiences)
  • And more....

Appail Social Media Marketing uses this data to target consumers in need of your services and products and put your messaging in the most valuable places and on social and digital feeds. The result is an exponential increase in brand awareness and new client volume.

Right Message + Right Time + Right Audience = Best ROI
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