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Pay Per Click Services

PPC marketing can be one of the highest ROI initiatives a practice can engage in or it can be a significant disaster on your marketing budget. Details and how to run the campaigns are they key to success. At Appail PPC Marketing, our Digital Marketing team consists of PPC Specialists with years of experience in pay per click marketing. Our competitive PPC analysis will allow your campaigns to be success story.

What distinguishes us is our knowledge of competitive PPC and the keywords and phrases that lead to new client acquisition. At Appail PPC Marketing, we have the knowledge and experience needed to build a streamlined, fully optimized, and highly targeted campaign for your business and services. With our PPC management services, we minimize the learning time for you, and our PPC experts understand how to effectively launch a marketing strategy for your business from day one and how to stay competitive.

We can show your Competitors' most profitable keywords and Ads for Paid and Organic Search and be competitive in your campaigns from day one!

Right Message + Right Time + Right Audience = Best ROI
Appail PPC Marketing focuses on:
  • In-Depth Keyword Discovery
  • Ongoing Campaign Tracking & Monitoring Daily/Weekly
  • Utilizing a List of Negative Keywords
  • A/B Testing of Ad Copies
  • Specialized Landing Pages
  • Expert Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Competitive Analysis of Your Industry and Competitors
  • Ad Creation & Optimization
  • Ongoing Campaign Tracking & Monitoring
  • Biweekly Campaign Progress Reporting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Day-Parting
  • Discovery of New Opportunities
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